Meet the farmers

We’re proud to work with farmers from Australia’s best growing regions. Read their stories below. 


Gippsland Hearty Vegetable Soup

Brothers Nelson and Malcom Cox and their families put the heart in Gippsland Hearty Vegetable Soup. They’re a fifth generation farming family and have been on the land for 120 years. In fact, they still have the original farm from where it all began.

Nelson, Malcom and their four farming sons from Riviera Fresh Farm in the Mitchell Valley in Lindenow, Gippsland, Victoria, produce a huge range of top quality veggies, including cauliflower, parsnips, broccoli, fennel and kale. The family thanks the superior climate, soils and water security of the region for their top quality produce, which they farm all year round. And of course, their other secret is the love that goes in to each and every veggie.

Murray Valley Tomato Soup with basil

Want to know about tomatoes? Who better to ask than the Farming Operations Manager at Australia’s largest tomato grower and processor! Nick Raleigh of Kagome looks after tasty, sun-ripened tomatoes in the sunny region of Echuca, Murray Valley, Victoria. Thanks to the magical combination of sun, irrigation and hard work, he grows superb produce for our Murray Valley Tomato Soup.

Using crop rotation, Nick ensures that the soil is cared for and rich nutrients are put back into the ground to consistently yield tomato crops with the ideal characteristics and flavour profile. Within hours of harvesting, these rich red tomatoes bursting with flavour and unrivalled goodness are processed … ready for our soup!


Windsor Mushroom Soup with thyme

If there were such a thing as mushroom royalty, fourth generation mushroom growers, The Tolson Family of White Prince, would be members of the royal family. Growing for around 60 years, White Prince has become one of Australia’s premier mushroom suppliers, knowing everything there is to know about mushrooms!

White Prince’s delicious, meaty mushrooms used in Windsor Mushroom Soup come straight from the farm in the picturesque Hawkesbury District on the outskirts of north-western Sydney. Proudly 100 percent Australian owned, White Prince’s mushrooms are picked and packed to order daily, so they are fresh and ready for our soup!


Lancelin Carrot Soup with coriander

The Sumich team are a little shy but they love what they do. They’re based in Western Australia and have been growing produce for over 70 years. Sumich started from simple beginnings over half a century ago when it started its first market garden in 1944 in Spearwood, Western Australia. The farm has grown and now they can produce in excess of 2,000 tonnes of carrots every week.

They’re conscious of their impact on the environment and Sumich is the largest commercial horticultural farm in Australia that can, at times, run 100% on wind energy. That’s some strong wind!